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FG Wilson Generator sets

FG Wilson Generator sets

Turbomar Energia is the FG Wilson authorized distributor for Portugal.

We offer Generator Sets that vary from 6.8 to 2,200 kVA, equipped with manual or automatic electric starters, either open or sound proofed, containerized or portable.
For other sizes of generator sets please visit the FG Wilson website.

Powers between 6.8 and 80 kVA, 220/240 V, 50 Hz
Single phase generator sets for low power, non industrial purposes.

Powers between 8.5 and 22 kVA, 400/231 V, 50 Hz
Typically used in offices, stores, clinics and homes.

Powers between 30 and 220 kVA, 400/231 V, 50 Hz
These generator sets are typically used to provide power to offices, stores, clinics and homes.

Powers between 230 and 275 kVA, 400/231 V, 50 Hz
Used in shops, offices, for telecom, schools, banks, modern distribution centers and the equipment leasing industry.

Powers between 350 and 700 kVA, 400/231 V, 50 Hz
Typically used in manufacturing facilities, office buildings, telecom applications, hospitals, airports, large commercial centers and equipment leasing.

Powers between 730 and 2.500 kVA, 400/231 V, 50 Hz
Generator sets of this size are typically used in large plants, small power plants, airports, hospitals, banks and data centers.

Control and Transfer Panels
Our Control Panels may be manual or automatic AMF panels that kick in when the power main supply shuts down. The more advanced Control Panels enable automatic parallel operation between generators and between the generator and the grid.

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New FG Wilson range 455 – 750 kVA New FG Wilson range 455 – 750 kVA

FG Wilson has recently launched a new range of generator sets, from 455 to 750 kVA, with new design, new features and new technologies, adapting their products to new market demands.

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